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6 Awesome Reasons to Diet with a Friend!

So you’ve finally admitted to yourself that you need to lose weight. While you may have your diet plans in mind and your game plan is taking shape, remember that any weight loss journey comes with some challenges.

But don’t fret. Much like anything else in life, losing weight can be an enjoyable ride when shared with someone. Research from doctors at Brown Medical School and Dartmouth University revealed that individuals who team up with a “diet buddy” were more successful in reaching their weight loss goals. The study published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology in 2005 is just another good reason to go on a diet with a trusted friend, partner or family member.

Not convinced? Here are several awesome reasons buddy up to get slim!

1. You have an automatic support system.

Losing weight can be stressful for many reasons. It may be because you’re struggling with your diet because of temptations, having difficulty finding time to work out and cook your own food, or simply getting frustrated that you’ve haven’t reached your weight loss goals just yet. Dealing with these issues can be tough on your own, but having someone who understands to talk to means a lot and can help unburden your emotions.

Going on a diet together with a friend or loved one helps you stay on track as you are able to share your experience with someone who is going through the same thing. It’s much like those clichés we’re often told: “two heads are better than one” or “there is strength in numbers.” You get the drift.

But other than that, dieting with someone helps in more practical ways. For instance, you can split the tasks needed for creating healthy meals. You can prep and cook your healthy meals together much faster by dividing the work between two people, and even make the task easier by assigning work to the person who’s better at a specific task. For instance, you’re a great cook but hate to chop veggies. Your weight loss partner can do the food prep while you start cooking the dishes.

Or perhaps your work schedule is lighter in the mornings, while your diet buddy has less tasks in the evening. You can then opt to take over the healthy meal preparations in the morning while he or she covers the other meals.

It’s a win-win situation!

2. You get constant motivation.

Dieting with a friend means you will always have encouragement when you need it. Feeling your willpower slip when faced with a sugary cupcake or a bag of chips? Your diet partner should be there to help you walk away from these temptations while reminding you of your weight loss and diet efforts so far.

Feeling lazy to get up to cook a healthy meal and just tempted to dial the phone for pizza delivery? Your diet partner can keep you from making that fatal mistake of giving in to those nasty unhealthy cravings.

Frustrated from what seems to be slow progress when you weighed yourself? Your diet partner can help you focus on the more positive facets of your weight loss journey, such as reminding you that you can now fit into those jeans from three years ago that you kept.

Dieting may be hard sometimes, but you don’t have to go through tough times alone. And remember, you should also be there for your friend when they need some motivation, too. After all, it’s not a one-sided deal, which leads us to…

3. You have a stronger sense of responsibility.

Having a weight loss buddy helps you commit more strictly to your diet and weight loss plans because you are no longer accountable for yourself alone. Somehow, you might feel more compelled to avoid temptations because you don’t want to disappoint your weight loss partner.

Having a common goal with your diet partner also helps as you can boost each other up when facing challenges. You are both more able to beat temptations together, as you can find more creative solutions to whatever obstacles you face.

Some pairs who diet together can also have a clearer picture of what how to motivate each other. At the same time, if one partner loses sight of why they are dieting, the other can remind him of the reasons they embarked on this weight loss journey. For instance, a husband and wife who go on a weight loss plan together will know how to encourage their partner in the most effective way. They may share the same reasons for losing weight, but if the husband is trying to lose weight because of a medical scare such as borderline diabetes, then his wife can remind him of this. Hopefully, this reminder will trigger in him a sense of responsibility – not just for his wife, but for his family – that his health condition ultimately affects all of his loved ones.

4. You get positively competitive.

If you and your weight loss buddy are the competitive type, then teaming up will definitely benefit you both. Setting weight loss goals together and trying to do better than your diet partner can be very compelling for some, such that it elicits a stronger resolve to follow a diet plan 100%.

Knowing that your diet partner is making every effort to lose weight can encourage you to do just as well – if not, better. This eagerness to raise the bar for each other every time can urge you both to reach your weight loss goals at the soonest possible time.

5. You are surrounded by good influence.

Dieting alone can be very isolating, particularly when you’re following a strict dietary plan that most people cannot easily understand. But being on a meal plan with someone who knows exactly what you are going through encourages you both to follow your diet program and pushes you to be on your best behavior.

Having a diet companion keeps you within an environment that is supportive and understanding, and nurtures a behavior that is geared towards success. You will find it easier to be kind to yourself by eating well and avoiding junk food if you see your diet pal doing the same thing.

In creating this positive environment with your diet partner, you never lose sight of your goals, even when challenges and temptations arise. At the same time, being surrounded by like-minded people who are also making the effort to be healthy and fit make it easier for you to find new ways of shifting into a healthier lifestyle. You can swap tips and advice on health and wellness issues – from simple ones such as where to buy the best produce or which vitamins are best for you to more complex issues such as how to deal with stress or emotional eating.

6. You have more fun!

Admit it! Anything is simply more fun when shared with friend and loved ones – and dieting is no exception. Embarking on a weight loss journey with a friend or family member becomes easier and more enjoyable when you do it with someone you trust and someone who will be just as happy to be successful like you. What better way to strengthen an emotional bond than by changing your life for the better – together.

The key is finding the right diet partner who will complement you and help you become the best version of yourself. Once you’ve found the perfect weight loss partner or at least have an idea who might be a good fit, the next step is finding the right weight loss program. Start now by attending a FREE info session at the Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre!

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This personalized Eating Plan based on your unique blood profile and biochemistry has been especially formulated to address – and correct – the hormonal imbalance that causes weight gain. Its unique and personalized approach to weight loss and health through nutrition and food makes the Cohen Program a trusted diet plan that has helped thousands of clients around the world achieve good health and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The program doesn’t require you to take pills, shakes, or meal replacements – just fresh and healthy food that’s easily available from the supermarket. Just follow your Eating Plan and see results in as fast as four weeks*!

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