Body Makeover for Your Wedding

You’ve booked the church, you’ve paid the downpayment to the caterer, and the invites are ready to be sent to the printers. Most likely, you’re also choosing songs for the reception playlist, getting the seatplan ready, and picking flowers for your bouquet. Chances are, as early as eight months or so, you’re almost set for your dream wedding.

But think about it – is there something important to do that you might have forgotten?

While you may be watching your weight eagle-eyed right now, you may be dieting only temporarily and not for long-term, overall health. Here are five great reasons to lose weight and get healthy right before you tie the knot.

To Fit Into Your Gown or Suit

One obvious reason to lose weight right before your wedding is to be able to fit into your dream gown (or bespoke suit). With a slimmer body, you can wear whatever wedding dress style you like without having to worry about how you’ll look in it. Be it a princess ballgown or a sexy, sophisticated modern dress, a slimmed down body ensures you don’t just look great in your wedding dress, but you also feel confident in it.

To Look Radiant

Makeup is great, but nothing can beat a natural glow! When you go on a diet and start eating healthy by eliminating processed junk foods, your skin clears up and your complexion improves. Better yet, you won’t just be radiant on your wedding day, but for the rest of your life! Another bonus: thicker, fuller hair!

For Amazing Photos

All the photos and video coverage that will take place on your wedding day is enough reason to make sure that you are at your absolute best. Surely you’ll want to have lasting memories and mementos such as these that you can proudly show off in the years to come.

To Feel Great

One of the greatest benefits of a starting a healthy diet is the boost in energy levels that you experience. This increase in energy level helps keep you on top of your wedding preps without easily getting tired and physically drained. You’ll find out that you can multitask more efficiently, too, making you check off more items on your wedding to-do list.

On top of that, you’ll be thankful for this improved vitality, especially when you see reason #5…

For Your Honeymoon

Losing weight and slimming down brings about a boost in confidence and makes you feel sexier. As you embrace your slimmer and fitter body, you’ll feel less conscious naked, heightening your own “enthusiasm.” This renewed sense of self-assurance can be quite irresistible, so don’t be surprised if your new spouse can’t take his (or her) hands off you!

Studies and research such as those from Duke University Medical Center have also shown that dramatic weight loss boosts sexual satisfaction. Men who lose even at least 10% of their body weight have an increase in testosterone levels which leads to being more easily aroused.

To Start a Family

Some women experience weight gain due to reproductive problems such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), which may also result in some difficulties getting pregnant. Losing weight helps improve fertility and increased chances of conceiving, without the aid of fertility treatments.

For men, weight loss improves sperm count and helps diminish symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Losing weight also helps in having a healthy pregnancy and birth for mother and child.

7. To Strengthen Your Bond with Your Spouse

Research from the University of Connecticut revealed that a spouse can influence his partner to eat healthy, too. This supports the idea that a person is more succesful in his weight loss goals when he does it with a partner. And what better way to lose weight and get pre-wedding healthy than with your spouse-to-be?

Going on a weight loss program before your wedding isn’t only an opportune time as you’ll both be reaping the benefits of being thinner and slimmed down on your wedding day. But you’re also taking steps towards a stronger relationship as you embark on a unique journey together that will be rewarding for both of you in many ways, even after the ceremony.

8. For a Great Start to An Even Greater Marriage

Finally, embarking on a weight loss journey is a wonderful way to start the next chapter of your life with your partner. Going on a diet may seem like an unusual prelude to your marriage, but trust us, the benefits will outweigh any challenges you may face. There’s nothing better than to begin your lifetime together than by being healthy and fit together.

Get ready to walk down the aisle in your slimmer body through the help of Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre. Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre offers the Cohen Program, a rapid weight-loss program that promotes healthy eating and a balanced diet, created by Dr. Rami Cohen, an ob-gyne specializing in infertility and obesity.

This effective, food-based weight-loss program can safely and quickly help you achieve a slimmer body right in time for your wedding. A personalized Eating Plan is created based on your unique blood profile and biochemistry, which has been especially formulated to address – and correct – the hormonal imbalance that causes weight gain.

Its unique and personalized approach to weight loss and health through nutrition and food makes the Cohen Program a trusted diet plan that has helped thousands of clients around the world achieve good health and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The program doesn’t require you to take pills, shakes, or meal replacements – just fresh and healthy food that’s easily available from the supermarket. Just follow your Eating Plan and see results in as fast as four weeks*!

For more information on the Cohen’s Lifestyle Program, visit

*Individual results may vary.


Patrick and Shaina Bugayong were just like any other young couple. They loved to eat out and enjoyed buffets and fast food. Shaina even admits that she used to overeat sometimes to make sure they got their money’s worth when dining out.

However, she and Patrick eventually noticed that they had gained too much weight. The couple knew they needed to do something about this, as they were aware of how their unhealthy eating habits have caused complications in their health and increases their risk for diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. They also felt weaker because of their inactive lifestyle, and Shaina started feeling less self-confident. “I was starting to have a hard time finding clothes [that fit],” she says.

But apart from the health risks, the couple also wanted to lose weight and look great on their wedding day. Thus, they made the decision to enroll in the Cohen’s Lifestyle Program. Together, they made the decision to lose weight and change their lifestyle.

“The Cohen Program is different,” explains Shaina, “because the diet plan is structured and organized.” There’s no second guessing because the Eating Plan teaches you to eat well with just the right amount of food, even after you’re done with the program. With Cohen, the Bugayongs learned to give up the unhealthy lifestyle that they had grown accustomed to.

While they admit that it was difficult at first, what made the lifestyle change easier was that they took on their weight loss journey together. “It was easier with my husband,” she shares. Their Cohen journey as a couple strengthened their commitment to each other, as well as paved the way for them to begin their married life on a healthy note.

As Patrick and Shaina walked down the aisle in their slimmer and fitter bodies, they have vowed not only to commit to a lifetime as husband and wife, but also as healthy partners for life. The newlyweds, ecstatic with the lifestyle change they’ve made, are now ready to start a new chapter of their lives with a healthy mindset that taught them to eat right and in moderation.

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