The season of celebrations, numerous get-togethers and eating frenzies have started! It is difficult to say ‘no’ to all the invitations and the holiday spreads are just too tempting.

With the Cohen’s Lifestyle Program, you can remain calm and enjoy the holidays. You can assure yourself of an effective, safe and natural weight-loss program that you can start as soon as the holidays are over!

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Holiday Weight Gain and How to Avoid It

A common myth is that an individual stands to gain 5 to 10 pounds during the Christmas season but in truth, we only gain about a pound. Unfortunately, it’s a pound that we could never shake off easily and stays throughout the year.  A pound or two during the holidays will compound over time.

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“What can I do to manage my weight during the holidays?”

Over the years, people have been giving their own advice regarding holiday weight management. Some recurring instructions include eating before the party, practicing mindfulness and of course remembering what the holidays are all about. However, it takes more than self-discipline to not to gain weight during the holidays.

You can read so many blog posts concerning weight management but you wouldn’t be able to maximize your learnings if you don’t discipline yourself.

 “How can I increase my self-discipline when it comes to dieting?”

“Out of sight, out of mind” holds true when it comes to mitigating your holiday weight gain. Always stay as far away from food as possible. Do not allow yourself to be tempted. Keep yourself busy so that you’ll avoid craving for whatever it is that’s on the table. When it’s time to dine, choose a seat that’s closer to the healthier food options.

“Is alcohol bad for my diet?”

There are more calories in a glass of wine than you might think. The reason is that alcohol has 7 calories per gram. This is more than sugar which only has 4 calories per gram! A 6-oz glass of Merlot may contain around 144 calories so if you drink 2 glasses that would give you about 288 calories which is the same as eating a slice of cake.  Further, because the body can’t store alcohol, it metabolizes alcohol right away. Since the alcohol becomes a priority in the metabolic process, your body won’t metabolize other fats and sugars as efficiently, ultimately slowing your metabolism over time.

“But I have friends who love to cook and they will feel bad if I don’t eat. I feel obligated.”

Remember that the holiday season is about spending time with family and friends.  It is not about food and alcohol. In situations where you think that the host will feel bad if you don’t eat their food, talk to them in advance. Tell them that you are controlling your weight for your health.  Ask if they can prepare healthier food options for you. If they are insisting for you to eat what they prepare, then just be prepared to politely say ‘no’ to unhealthy options when they are offered to you. Also, eat something healthy like some simple crackers and proteins or salads before you go so you won’t feel so hungry and tempted at the party. Eating slowly and keeping within a single helping of food on your plate will be very good for your diet.

“There’s still a high chance that I’ll ruin my diet. What should I do about this?”

Simple: set realistic standards for yourself. Discipline is different from pressure. The more you pressure yourself, the higher your likelihood of failing. Don’t worry about stumbling every now and then. Note down your mistakes and tell yourself to avoid them. Don’t throw your progress out of the window because you feel you’ve wronged yourself so many times already. With proper self-control and routine modifications, you’ll be fine.

If despite all your efforts, you still gained weight, don’t be too hard on yourself. You can immediately get rid of the excess weight right after the holidays. At Cohen’s Lifestyle Center, we know the challenges of losing weight and keeping it off especially during the holiday season. If you seriously want to lose weight, start as soon as the holidays are over. The Cohen Program is a safe, effective and rapid weight loss program* through nutrition with a track record of success over the years. It’s a lifestyle change, not a diet.

*Individual results may vary.

Testimonial: Christine Bravo’s Success Story

“Don’t Let the Food Control You.”

Christine’s job as a senior account manager had always been stressful. She was already a healthy eater but the nature of her work combined with the invitations to buffet parties only served to affect her weight in negative ways. It took a while before the weight gain began taking a toll on her. Christine reported feeling more tired and less confident.

“Being a person who loves to dress up, it’s a struggle for me to find clothes that are flattering to my body size,” she said.

Her health concerns began when she made a visit to the doctor to address the pain in her knees. She already had a ligament tear history but the added pounds made it a lot less bearable. Her doctor advised her to shed off some weight. That’s when she decided to sign up for the Cohen’s Lifestyle Program.

“I wanted it to be fast and safe,” she shared.

Apart from addressing her knee pains, Christine gained her self-confidence back. She was also able to acquire a sense of discipline and patience.

“Not only did I lose weight,” she stated, “I was also able to formulate a good sense of lifestyle.”

Christine now serves as a “FITSPIRATION” to some of her friends. She eats the right food and has gained enough stamina to run as much as she can. She has been maintaining her weight for three years.

“Your weight will not go away by complaining about it,” she emphasized. “You must act and do something about it. Understand your body and lose weight naturally. Don’t let the food control you. Instead, let yourself control your food intake. The Cohen Lifestyle Program is your ultimate teacher for this.”


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