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Challenge yourself to lose weight before the holidays and get as much as PHP10,000 CASH BACK*! (*See terms and conditions below)

The Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre would like to invite you to our Fit & Fab Holiday Weight Loss Challenge! Sign up for the Cohen Program during the month of October or November to get started.

For this challenge, we’ll be giving you:

  • Individualized eating plan
  • A 6-month support contract
  • Personalized consultations to keep you on track
  • Holiday diet guides
  • Access to our closed Facebook Support Group! (Exclusive only to Cohen Clients)
  • Up to PHP10,000 CASH BACK

The challenge? Lose 8 lbs per month** and get PHP5,000 every time you visit the centre for your monthly weigh ins. Losing weight in time for the holidays and keeping it off after is not impossible. Our goal is to teach you a healthy lifestyle that is safe and natural so you can also keep off the weight even after the holidays.

The Cohen’s Lifestyle Program is not a diet. It is a Lifestyle.

**Individual results may vary. 


Weight gain is most common during the holiday season which accounts for about 51% of annual weight gain. And yes, we know how that it’s hard to turn away from all the carbs and sugar that you probably wouldn’t be having until next holiday season.

It might seem impossible, but a bit of discipline will help you with your diet over the holidays. Here are a few tips to help you keep your tummy at bay in case you find yourself wanting to splurge on unhealthy meals:


You know what they say… “The earlier the better.” If you want to look good for your Christmas parties, you’ll have to drop the unhealthy food and start your holiday weight loss challenge NOW! Prepare by stashing or giving away all the sugary treats you’ve stowed away in your fridge and cupboards. After that, bring out a calendar and mark the exact date you started. Remind yourself that any form of cheating that you do from this moment onward will only serve to hold you back.


It won’t help you if you skip breakfast just so you could binge on some food later on. Go for some healthy breakfast recipes and swap your hot chocolate for tea. Eat a healthy mix of protein and veggies to keep you satiated for the rest of the day. Don’t forget to stay away from the less-healthy side of the table during meals with your family. Getting a personalized meal plan will help loads during this process as it would guide you on exactly what you should eat and what you should avoid. Once you’re aware of what to eat, you will be able to lose weight rapidly.


Write it down, paste it on a memo board, or keep it as an everyday reminder on your phone. Just make sure that the number is on your mind at all times. Every time you get a bad case of the munchies, take a good look at that number so that you’ll remain determined to reach it.


A 15-minute brisk walk around your neighborhood will kickstart your metabolism. However, you should remember that in order to stay fit during the holiday season, it’s always best to watch what you eat. Exercising won’t get you anywhere if you keep loading up on carbs.


Yes, that cake looks good and the hot chocolate smells heavenly. Your mind might be telling you that you only live once so it’s best to dig in now. But is it really? If you end up binging, you’re another day away from your ideal body type. Restraining yourself is a good form of discipline that will help you when you’re maintaining your weight.

You can enjoy a slice of cake at any point of the year. You can get a cup of hot chocolate when you’ve reached your ideal weight. Pull yourself together and stay motivated. The “good” things are better enjoyed when you work hard for it.

Still thinking about ways to lose weight during the holidays? Get a safe and rapid weight-loss program to be your guide! Go for the tried and tested Cohen Diet – even doctors trust it.

The Cohen’s Lifestyle Program uses nutrition to achieve good health and overall well-being. A personalized Eating Plan – based on one’s biochemistry profile – is created for each client with precise amount of food and food combination to trigger weight loss for the individual**. No need to second guess what you need to eat.

Aside from the Eating Plan, consultants who have also undergone the Cohen Program are available to guide you through all the phases of the program, including a Refeeding Phase to stabilize your weight** after the weight loss phase, as well as Management Guidelines to help you maintain your weight** through healthier eating habits.

**Individual results may vary. 

  1. The Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre (CLC) Fit & Fab 60-Day Challenge Cashback Promotion period is from October 1 to November 30, 2017.
  2. This promotion applies to all enrolees who sign-up for the Cohen Program from October 1 to November 30, 2017.
  3. This promotion is only available at all CLC Philippines branches in Manila, Cebu and Davao.
  4. Enrollees who are eligible for the promotion will be entitled to Php5,000 cashback for a minimum of 8 lbs. lost per 4-week weigh-in.
  5. The Php5,000 cashback will apply on a per 4-week weigh-in as long as the minimum 8-lb weight loss is met at each weigh-in. Valid for a maximum of two (2) weigh-ins.
  6. Official weigh-in must be taken at any Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre Philippines office on the exact weigh-in due date (+/- one day).
  7. Last date for official weigh-in is on December 31, 2017.
  8. Weight loss will be measured based on the weighing scale at the Centre. Reported weight loss by email, call, text or any other form of communication, will not be considered.
  9. All cashback earned will be processed and paid out within fourteen (14) days from weigh-in date.
  10. This promotion is not valid in conjunction with other promotions or discounts.
  11. The grace period for refund expires once the initial blood test results are submitted. No refund may be made once the grace period expires.
  12. In case of dispute but not limited to the enrollees eligibility, the Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre Philippines’ decision shall prevail.


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