Is Cohen for me?

Anyone who needs to lose at least 10 lbs.*, between ages 16 to 65 years old, and just want to feel healthy again may undergo the Cohen Program.

The Cohen Program is particularly beneficial if you are experiencing the following:

  • Gaining weight no matter how little you eat*
  • Exercising and still not losing weight*
  • Always hungry or craving for food*
  • Feeling tired or lack energy*
  • Feeling bloated or having water retention*
  • Suffering from high blood pressure and high cholesterol*

Health and safety is our number one priority. You have to be generally healthy to undergo any rapid weight loss program*. If you have a heart condition, severe liver and kidney problem, pregnant, breast-feeding, diabetic on insulin or medication, or a vegan, you may not undergo the Cohen Program.

Dr Cohen will assess your medical history and blood test results to establish the suitability of the Cohen Program for you. If Dr Cohen does not think it is not healthy for you, he will not allow you to go on the program.

Do you provide the food?

Food is not provided. You will be given a personalized Eating Plan prescription that is based on the unique bio-chemical profile of your blood. The food quantity you will be prescribed to eat is designed for your rapid but healthy weight loss*.

The Cohen Program is not a diet, it is a lifestyle. To aid in developing a healthier lifestlye for our clients, we provide cooking lessons to teach how to prepare your healthy and delicious Cohen meals so you can independently cook your own food and maintain your weight* after the Cohen Program.

I have a busy schedule and travel a lot. How do I cope with the program?

Succeeding on the Cohen Program requires some level of preparation and organization. Planning your meals on a weekly basis will go a long way to ensure your success. A lot of our clients lead busy lifestyles which may include extensive traveling and yet still succeed on the Program.

Can I give my Program to my family and friends to follow or use someone else’ Program?

Your unique Eating Plan will not “trigger” another person’s body into correcting its hormonal imbalance. In fact, it may cause even more imbalance and illness. In some cases of “copying,” we have come across people who have initially lost weight, but gained it very rapidly when going off the Program because the treatment was not meant for them and their HGH has not been correctly “triggered.”

Will I get hungry, weak or have cravings while on the Program?

Dr. Cohen’s Program is based on an internationally accepted medical research and sound facts. It stimulates the hormones with specific food combinations and quantities, so that the body starts burning its own fat and efficiently uses the food you eat. Dr. Cohen analyses your blood chemistry to tailor the program for you so you will get a prescription based on what your body needs without causing hunger, weakness, or cravings. In fact, your energy will increase while on the Cohen Program.

Must I exercise while on the Program?

Exercise is not required to lose weight while on the Cohen Program*. If you do not exercise now, you do not need to start, especially if you are very overweight. You can start when you are lighter, but always in moderation.

If you exercise at present, you may continue in moderation. The Cohen Program is not designed to accommodate strenuous exercise.

Listen to your body. If it hurts, if you feel dizzy, or your appetite increases dramatically, you need to temporarily reduce the intensity or frequency of your exercise.

Is the Program kilojoules or calorie based?

No. What is important is what Dr. Cohen prescribes: i.e. the specific food types, quantities, and combinations.

Is this a high protein diet?

No. The Program consists of food from all the different groups. It is a balanced Eating Plan.

Why are blood tests necessary?

Your personalized Program is based on your blood test results, not blood type. The blood tests allow an analysis of certain aspects of your system which in turn indicates what is required to get your body hormones back in balance. This approach therefore designs a treatment unique to your requirements and it will “trigger” your HGH and result in weight-loss and other health benefits*.

Why is it recommended to take a multivitamin while on the Program?

In today’s modern way of life, every adult will benefit from supplementing his or her diet with essential vitamins and trace elements. The combination of the multivitamins and minerals enhance the benefits derived from the Eating Plan and will make you achieve wellness even sooner.

How long will I have to be on the Program?

The rate of weight-loss differs per individual. Certain factors affect the rate of weight loss including gender, amount of weight you have to lose, and how closely you follow your Program. Recorded statistics suggests that on average, women lose 8 – 10 lbs*. per month while men lose more. Your body will release fat at the rate that is healthy for you*.

How do I know how much weight I need to lose?

Dr. Cohen uses a Goal Weight Calculator to estimate the weight appropriate for you*, depending on your age, sex, height, and shoe size (an approximation of your body built). However, your body will give you signs when it is at its natural goal weight*. This is when you are at your metabolic equilibrium and ready for the Refeeding Program.

Will I be able to live normally again without constant dieting for the rest of my life?

Again, the Cohen Program is not a diet, it is a lifestyle. If you follow your Eating Plan and then the Refeeding Program to stabilize your weight*, chances are you will not need this Program again. You have a medical condition that can be controlled using the information you learn while on the Program.

Can I do the program if I am pregnant or wanting to become pregnant?

You cannot start the Program if you are pregnant, as it results in rapid weight loss* that is not suitable for expecting mothers.

However, the Cohen Program improves an individual’s fertility, and if you become pregnant while on the Program, then for the same reasons mentioned above, you must also stop the Program. The ideal situation would be to go on the Program, lose and stabilize your weight properly (3 months after Refeeding program) and then try to get pregnant. You may go on the Program once again to lose the pregnancy weight gained, as soon as you stop breastfeeding and your child begins to eat solid food.

Can I do the program while breastfeeding?

You cannot follow the Program while breastfeeding, as this will affect your milk supply. Dr. Cohen does not believe it is healthy for you or your baby to be restricting your food intake and experiencing rapid fat loss*.

When your baby is no longer dependent on breastmilk and you are only breastfeeding for comfort, you can go on the Program again.

What makes Dr Cohen’s Program and his work so unique?

This Program is unique because it is based on your blood test results (not blood type). Your Eating Plan is a specifically tailored Program for your body’s needs and will work for you best. It is based on many years of research and a data bank of many thousands of programs and their results. Dr. Cohen is a specialist not only in the field of nutrition but also in fertility and hormones.

Do you recommend any Cohen food delivery service or Cohen-friendly restaurants?

It is not advisable to avail of food delivery services from companies that are not certified or authorized by the Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre, as there is no assurance if the meals prepared follow the Cohen Eating Plan guidelines. There have been complaints of food delivery services that use ingredients or follow preparation procedures that are not fully compliant to the Cohen Program. Eating non-compliant meals can result in the slowing down of the rate of weight loss.*

There are also no certified or authorized “Cohen-friendly” restaurants at the moment. However, Cohen clients share their personal experiences and give feedback on Cohen-friendly restaurants that can prepare dishes upon special request of the client. We cannot guarantee if these dining establishments actually do follow the Eating Plan guidelines when preparing their dishes.

It is highly recommended that you learn to prepare your own healthy meals and follow the Eating Plan guidelines to ensure optimum weight loss while on the Program. This way, you are not only losing weight, but are also developing healthier eating habits.*

*Disclaimer: Weight loss varies per individual.


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