How the right food can make you lose weight fast

16 Nov 2018

By: Lai S. Reyes/OOH LA LAI/The Philippine Star on November 13, 2018 – 12:00am

Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre Philippines CEO Barbara Young Photo by Joey Viduya

Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre uses food to correct the hormonal imbalance that is causing weight gain. This allows the body to naturally burn fat, which translates to rapid weight loss.

A lot of people want to lose weight — be it for beauty or health reasons — fast and easy by resorting to starvation, fad diets, diet pills and supplements. While they may lose unwanted pounds in the process, they usually end up compromising their overall health.

“Losing weight requires major lifestyle changes and proper nutrition,” shares Barbara Young, Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre Philippines CEO. “That’s why it’s important to do it the healthy way.”

For the past nine years, Cohen’s Lifestyle Center Philippines has been helping people lose weight rapidly — the healthy way.

“At Cohen’s, we make food your medicine,” says Barbara who herself lost 46 lbs. in just six months and has been maintaining her weight in the last 11 years. “Also, there’s medical supervision and all the programs are tailor fit to each and every Cohen client.”

Cohen’s Lifestyle Program uses food to correct the hormonal imbalance that is causing weight gain. By doing so, it allows the body to naturally burn fat, which translates to rapid weight loss.

Marian Tia Remo slimmed down from 213 lbs. to 121 lbs. and her polycystic ovarian syndrome symptoms were eliminated through the Cohen’s Lifestyle Program.

Cohen’s Lifestyle Program is a personalized eating program based on each client’s unique blood test results (not blood type). It is based on scientific and medically sound research.

There’s a specific amount of food and food combinations that Dr. Cohen develops and prescribes based on the individual blood chemistry of the clients. So no two programs are the same.

The food combination triggers the body’s natural ability to release fat as source of energy. In the process, the body does not just shed weight but vital organs are also released from harmful toxins that disrupt its natural physiological function and cause disease. Needless to say, the hormones are corrected and the client experiences improvement in health.

“Our clients lose weight fast,” enthuses Barbara. “On average, we see about eight to 10 lbs. weight loss per month. And it’s healthy because we don’t do anything drastic — no diet pills or drinks, no injections. Everything comes back to food.”

Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre also teaches lifestyle changes that have been researched to balance the hormones that cause weight gain (insulin, serotonin and human growth hormone).

The biggest losers

Before doing Cohen’s Lifestyle Program, Dr. Mary Anne “Ianne” Tangcangco weighted 189 lbs and had high-blood pressure. With Cohen's, she slimmed down to 128 lbs.

During the ninth anniversary celebration of Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre held at MilkyWay in Makati City, we witnessed the inspiring weight-loss journeys of Cohen clients Dr. Ianne Tangcangco, Maria Tia *Remo and Ian Montenegro who have undergone major weight loss and health transformations the safe and healthy way.

At 200 lbs., human resource manager Ian Montenegro suffered from sleep apnea, knee pain, insomnia, sinus congestion and shortness of breath.

She tried calorie-counted food delivery, drank protein shakes, took vitamin supplements and tea concentrate to lose weight in the past. She even hired a personal trainer to customize an exercise program. Sadly, none of them worked for her.

“With my medical results and insecurities, I called Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre for an appointment,” Ian shares. “After the session, I knew that it was the right program for me. Instead of buying an expensive machine for sleep apnea, it made more sense to go into a sustainable diet program that would not only address the problem but the other medical conditions I had.”

Ian admits that changing her lifestyle was not as tough as she thought. “It’s the mindset that’s difficult to change,” she says.

Her determination to stick to the program and find time for meal preparations paid off as she slimmed down to 111 lbs. and achieved what she calls her “healthiest self.”

Businesswoman Marian *Remo, 32, suffered from bulimia and polycystic ovarian syndrome.

At 200 lbs., Ian Montenegro suffered from sleep apnea, knee pain, insomnia and sinus congestion. With Cohen's, she’s at her healthiest at 111 lbs.

“My poor diet and lack of self-control caused my weight to reach 213 lbs. That’s when I decided to enroll at Cohen and change my lifestyle,” Marian shares.

Her commitment was rewarded as she slimmed down to 121 lbs. and her PCOS symptoms were eliminated.

Dr. Ianne Tangcangco used food for emotional comfort when she lost her mom.

“Due to stress/sad-eating, I ballooned to 189 lbs. I had to take medicines for high-blood pressure,” says Dr. Tangcangco.

Dr. Tangcangco was inspired by her colleague who lost weight on the Cohen Program.

“When no other weight-loss methods seemed to work anymore, Cohen’s Lifestyle Program proved to be the most effective. It changed my perception of food and knowing now that it is eating the right kinds of food — without depriving myself of nutrition — that my body needs,” adds Dr. Tangcangco who’s now down to 128 lbs.

According to Barbara, there are certain medical conditions that they don’t recommend the Cohen’s Lifestyle Program. “These include pregnant and lactating women and those with severe heart, liver and kidney conditions,” Barbara explains. “With rapid weight loss, the body will metabolize fast and toxins will be removed from the body so the liver and kidneys need to be in good condition.”

If you’re overweight, don’t wait for the symptoms to manifest. Take charge of your health. Lose weight the right and healthy way with Cohen.

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