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09 Nov 2018
By: GoDhess

Some people intended to starve their selves, do rigid exercise, use weight loss pill and other supplements to achieve their desired weight. We want to achieve our dream body and lose weight the easy way but ending up compromising oir health, do we really need to this just to get fit and healthy?

Losing weight requires a major lifestyle change, discipline, and motivation. It is very important to lose weight in a healthy and right way.

There are other ways to lose weight without requiring exercise, injection artificial food, and drinks or intake of weight loss pills and supplements like the Cohen Lifestyle Program.

What is the Cohen Lifestyle Program?

Cohen Lifestyle Program is a personalized eating program based on each client’s unique blood test results (not blood type). It is based on scientific and medically sound research.
The program delivers fast results with clients usually losing up 8 to 10 pounds a month the healthy way.

Cohen Lifestyle programs provide individualized food ‘prescription’such as the precise amount of food combinations. This program also teaches lifestyle changes that have been researched to balance the hormones that cause weight gain ( insulin, serotonin, and human growth hormones ) The food combination triggers the body’s natural ability to release fat as a source of energy. In the process, the body does not just shed weight but vital organs are also released from harmful toxins that disrupt its natural physiological function and cause disease.

Clients Testimonial

Ms. Remo, 32 years old, a businesswoman who suffered from bulimia. Her weight reaches 213 lbs. Decided to change her lifestyle. She gave up salt, sugar, carbohydrates, oil, and dairy. Her commitment was rewarded as she slimmed down to 121
121lbs. and her PCOS symptoms were eliminated.

Ms. Montenegro, a Human Resource Manager weight 200lbs.She tried calorie counted food delivery and drank protein shakes, vitamin supplements, and tea concentrate to lose weight in the past. She even hired a personal trainer to customized an exercise program. With her medical results and insecurities she decided to try the Cohen Lifestyle Program, slimmed down to 111lbs and achieve the healthiest version of herself.

Dra. Tangcangco, a 42 years, internal medicine doctor thinks that she already tried almost everything ( except drugs ) to lose weight. She used food as emotional comfort eso after she lost her mom.She reached her heaviest weigh at 189lbs.and she had to take medicines for high blood pressure.
She was inspired by another doctor, who also lost weight on the Cohen Lifestyle Program.Niw Dra.Tancancgco, is no longer hypertensive and now she is able to wear clothes she only dreamt of before.

People can really lose weight in the right way and healthy way with Cohen.

For more details about the Cohen Lifestyle Program visit www.cohenlifestyle.com.ph. They have branches located at Medical Plaza Makati and Davao.


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