The Cohen Weight Loss Program Online is a 12-week program supported by email communication with    Dr. Cohen’s consultants. It is the same safe, rapid and effective weight loss program using food as nutrition that we used to offer except that all support and consultations are now done via email. There is no need to travel all the way to our centres for weigh ins and face-to-face consultation. This helps you save time and you can continue your program anywhere, anytime.

You will still need to submit initial blood test for the development of your personalized Eating Plan and succeeding blood tests for Dr. Cohen to check on how you’re doing and as additional data for your personalized Refeeding Program to help stabilize your weight.


  • Your personalized weight loss plan and a 12-week support costs only 13,000PHP.
  • If you have not reached your goal weight by the end of 12 weeks, an extension of another 12 weeks may be applied for at the rate of 9,500PHP.
  • The cost of your blood test is to be paid directly to the blood test laboratory of your choice.

Food and other requirements:

  • We only use regular food that you can purchase at most groceries and supermarkets: meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, vegetables, fruits and crackers.
  • No special food or artificial drinks are required to lose weight.
  • Exercise is not necessary while on the program
  • You will need a good multivitamin supplement
  • You will also need a good digital kitchen weighing scale

Deliverables of the program:

  • An optimized personal weight loss program, which is based on your information and the results of YOUR blood test. The diet is prepared personally by Dr. Cohen, the researcher and founder of this program. Your personal daily allowances including multiple meal options with precise weights for each food option in every meal.
  • 12 weeks of complete and full support with any issue related to your weight loss program – at no extra cost. Your uninterrupted 12 weeks program will start the day you receive your program.
  • Free updates to your weight loss program, if needed – based on repeat blood test results – during the 12 weeks of your program.
  • Cohen’s unique “Re-feeding Program” to ensure the long lasting results. The re-feeding program is made of daily eating plans and is applied when you reach your target weight – during the 12 weeks – based on your follow-up blood test results.

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